cooking tips
  • To get softer chapatis leave the dough for atleast 1/2 hour before making chapatis.
  • Be careful while handling spices, adding them in hot oil or over roasting them might change the taste. Some spices may give a bitter taste if overcooked.
  • Be careful that you don’t add spices directly from the packet. Water vapours from the dish may get into the packet and spoil them.
  • After peeling cut the onions in halves and soak it for 2-3 mins in cold water to avoid tears.
  • While making ginger garlic paste try to keep the garlic:ginger ratio close to 6:4 as ginger is strong it may make your dish sharp and pungent.
  • If you forget to soak chana/rajma/chole overnight , soak them in boiling water for an hour or two before preparing the dish.
  • Wash the vegetables before peeling or cutting to preserve the water soluble vitamins.
  • To get crispier pakoda add a little corn flour to besan while preparing the batter.
  • To retain the colour in gravy use ripe red tomatoes.
  • Use boiled vegetable stock instead of water to get a rich.

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